Each of us who has been a part of this effort has been deeply touched  by seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter, witnessing the relaxed social interactions of the participants, seeing the progress and coming out as the trip progresses, reading comments written by the participants at the last camp, receiving the follow-on emails.
The bonding and friendship and camaraderie and support that are spawned on these trips continue long after the raft trip is over through email and other contacts and joining in activities.
No one can understand the struggles of a combat veteran better than another combat veteran, especially those suffering from physical and other deep wounds. These raft trips offer an effective venue for these interactions.


  • Serve to advance reintegration of Wounded Warriors back into civilian life
  • Offer a beneficial recreation program to VA Hospitals to include in their treatment and recovery programs
  • Encourage Wounded Warriors to participate more in outdoor activities
  • Raise public awareness of Wounded Warriors through articles, word-of-mouth, other public exposures
  • Learn as the organizers how to constantly improve and increase the benefits to the Wounded Warriors

Cataract Canyon is a section of the Colorado River above Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon. It flows through Canyonlands National Park and is simply amazing country. The highlights are hidden waterfalls, archeological sites, magical side hikes, and solitude of the desert.

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Cataract Canyon is cut by the Colorado River into the Colorado Plateau, a vast continental uplift comprising much of the American Southwest. Until approximately 80 million years ago, the Colorado Plateau was near sea level. Over millions of years, a series of inland oceans transgressed onto and regressed from the region, resulting in a series of horizontally deposited rock layers.

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After a few days on the water with Warriors on Cataract, I feel transformed and incredibly grateful. Moab and the Colorado River have been an incredibly healing setting – the land seems to have a pulse and breath of life around it. Through the power of the river, the beauty of the desert, and the majesty of it all, I felt peace and happiness.
- May 21 Salt Lake VA Launch Warrior

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