2018 was another good year, our 8th. We are working on the photo albums from the four 2018 raft trips, and should have them out in about a month.

Grand Canyon River Runners Association, a great veteran-centric nonprofit, has bequeathed us over $7000 for our raft trips!

The four 2019 whitewater trips are on the calendar, the outfitters are lined up, and the motels booked. 

  • May 10, Air Force Pararescue, PJs, and a few British soldiers, and maybe an Aussie vet. The Brits and Aussies have fought in our conflicts in the Middle East. Navtec is our outfitter
  • May 17, 2nd Battalion Seventh Regiment Marines and several perhaps five disabled vets out of the Focus Marines program in Missouri. Sheri Griffith is our outfitter.

An orthopedic surgeon from Truckee CA whose Marine son was killed in Afghanistan then volunteered at 60 years of age to be the surgeon for 6 years in his fallen son’s battalion in Afghanistan. Here is a short Steven Spielberg video on Commander Dr. Bill Krissoff.    Dr. Krissoff is going along on our May 17 Marines launch. Should be a wonderful trip.

  • May 22, Open Manifest, all conflicts, all branches of the Military, both sexes. We will draw disabled veterans from the VAMCs at Boise, Cheyenne, Phoenix, Albuquerque, perhaps Reno. Worldwide River Expeditions is our outfitter.
  • September 26 All Female launch, with Sheri Griffith outfitting for us again. This trip gets overbooked, as the female vets are an underserved population and jump on opportunities such as this. These are our best trips.

It should be a good river year. The upper river basins that feed Cataract are at about 100% snowpack so far. We are hoping for big snowpack and big water. Lake Powell is down 120 feet, so we will have current all the way to the takeout at Hite.

Thanks for all the help, and Best regards, Fred